Portfolio Collections

View the special items in each of the collections that are featured in our Diva Portfolio.

Jewelry Gallery Collection

Featured in our Jewelry Gallery are bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pins, and rings perfect for anyone on your gift list or to add to your own accessory wardrobe. You will find a wonderful assortment of simple and trendy pieces as well as vintage, steampunk, Hollywood Glam, and wedding specialties. All jewelry is made to order or sold as pictured, but is not mass produced. We will however, create multiples for gifts if you need more than one. Please contact us to discuss custom orders and allow extra time for fabrication.

Art Gallery Collection

Our new Art Gallery will feature a variety of original artwork including our new line of ACEOs, wearable art, fine art, and miscellaneous styles of artist endeaors. Many of the art pieces are perfect for gift giving or collecting. The miniature ACEOs are artwork made by hand using a variety of media and methods. You will find watercolors, pen and ink, monoprints, linoprints, stamp-art, and digitally manipulated orginal photographs. From time to time you will also find larger pieces in oils, pencil, pen and ink, and watercolor. If you have a photo of a loved one, a favorite possession, or a pet that you want duplicated or made into a collectible work of art, contact us with the details.

Memorabilia Gallery Collection

The Memorabilia Gallery. . . our “Blast from the Past”. . . features a variety of decor and fashion accessories from past eras. One of our most popular selections is called “BOHO” and brings back many of the Bohemian fashion accessores from the 60s and 70s. You will find this group of gorgeous reminders from past eras in our Vintage Collection.  Not only we will feature collectable pieces that we have found in our travels, but upcycled accessories, and repurposed items to provide our customers with vintage pieces of jewelry, Steampunk Designs, and Clothing with a Purpose.

Other popular collections within the Memorabilia Gallery are  and our customized T-Shirts. Look for our Fabulous ‘n Funky hair accessories including feather extensions and a variety of headbands and clips, as well as custom designed caps and hats. If you need something custom made or in a different color, go to our links page and send us a message on our contact form. We love special orders and welcome the opportunity to do something special and unique for all of our customers.

KIDZ Kollection

Our KIDZ Kollection features our KIDZ klothing kollection, jewelry, Fun ‘n Funky Frames, and room decor for KIDZ of all ages but especially for Pre-teems and High School students. KIDZ will also enjoy our School Spirit Collection if they are looking for specific items to support their school colors or mascot.

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