Father’s Day Memories

Did you remember to tell your dad how much you love him today on his special day? My dad is gone- celebrating no doubt with my husband somewhere in heaven with the Heavenly Father! I called my father-in-law today to wish him a Happy Father’s Day and was in tears by the end of the conversation.

How often have you said to someone that you would call them again soon and then totally blew it off because you were just too busy with life’s million-and-one other things to do that really were not that important? He reminded me that it was before Thanksgiving when we had talked last. I felt so ashamed that I had neglected to call more often and remembered the times when my dad was alive, that I missed telling him how much I loved or missed him.

Life is just too short to forget to take the time to spend those precious moments with our loved ones and special friends! So . . . regardless of how busy I am, I plan to call my family at lease once a month; like my mom and my father-in-law, who are not living close by and check in with them to see how they are doing and to let them know how much I miss spending time together. We should never be too busy not to stop and make more memories with our loved ones!

No crafty business goings on today… only making memories…

‘Til tomorrow darlings . . .

The Divas -Kathy, Kristin & Emiley


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