Another peaceful day . . . with much needed R & R

Simply serene Saturday today . . . relaxing, but still no rest for that right side of the brain that is filled to the brim with so many ideas. Have been enjoying the down-time with my granddaughter Emiley who is also our KIDZ Diva in the business. We have been crazy creators this weekend with our brainstorming efforts to rekindle some old ideas and develop some cool recyclable projects. In fact, this has been so much fun, we might just have to produce a few short tutorial videos on how everyone could recycle some of the simplest things found around the house.

We spent some time outdoors picking up all kinds of goodies for embedding into our new resin jewelry pieces . . . miniature flower petals, teeny tiny snail shells, and twigs full of nodules for our new metal clay jewelry pieces. Can’t wait for you to see all of these when we finally get them ready to sell.

Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome wonderful DADs. A big thank you for letting your girls and the love of your life be creative and freely express who they are!

‘Til Tomorrow . . .

The Divas . . . Kathy, Kristin, and Emiley

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