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Springtime at the Beach

Screaming Divas are back at work . . .

Hi Darlings . . . talk about busy, busy, busy, now that Spring is almost over. Summer is in full swing with hot temperatures, higher humidity and lots of beautiful flowers and trees blooming. With all this gorgeous growth comes inspiration, and the Divas find themselves blooming with lots of fresh ideas. We have been out capturing great photos of the flowers and wonderful wildlife all over Houston. Galveston Beach offers a plethora of opportunities to capture 100s of images. These wonderful journeys provide so much motivation that we can hardly wait to start putting all of our images into new designs. The most exciting new venture is the move into creating lots of miniature pen and ink drawings, watercolor paintings, and digitally manipulated photographs for our new line of resin jewelry designs and our line of ACEO collectibles. Keep watching for the launch of our new unique artistic designs.

Won’t be too long now, so check in often to see how we are progressing.

Chow loyal followers!

The Divas… Kathy, Kristin, & Emiley

Happy blogging!


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