Funky ‘n Fun Feathers

Remember the day when feather jewelry was all the rage? I do, but then I am getting old and I can remember lots of great trends from the 50s, 60s, and 70s better than most people my age. In fact, those from the “Woodstock Era”, if they were wearing clothes (and some who weren’t wearing much) were adorned with all kinds of feathers and beads, leather wrist bands and belts, and beaded mocassins or leather and wooden clogs. Many of the low-riding hip hugger, wide-legged bell-bottom jeans showed off handmade belts of leather and suede cording with lots of beads and feathers dangling from the fringed ends that hung down past the knees.

As a continuation of our “Blast from the Past” from yesterday, tonight’s blog keeps on going with some more memorable moments in fashion. Paisley fabrics, maxi dresses, and hippie garb were the perfect backdrops for lots of different feather accessories. Whether it was a bracelet, necklace, or hair accessories, feathers came in all colors and sizes and often were the main focus instead of the clothing. Great part about fashion trends . . .  these always return, sometimes with subtle changes but most of the time, you will see some of the same styles, colors, and accessories return. Such is the case with feathers. Last year, we saw feathers in the hair on many celebs. And, mothers and daughters were wearing matching colors or matching their feather hair extensions with their outfits. While the rage for feather hair extensions has subsided a bit, it is still trendy to adorn your hair and other areas on your body with feathers and beads. Here are just a few suggestions from the Divas. How many more can you think of?

The Divas have fashioned a variety of colorful feather earrings and are now in the process of creating unique headbands, hair accessories, and unusual pendants with plumage from some of our fine feathered friends’.

Be sure to check out the Vintage Collection under our Portfolios to see some of the selections we have ready for sale. When you find the perfect addition to your fashion accessories, follow the link to our ETSY Store to make your purchases or CONVO with the Divas to place a custom order.

We also have great specials on feathers for hair extensions featuring grizzly rooster tail and guinea hen feathers in natural colors. All are stylable, curlable, and can be washed just like your real hair.

We invite all of our followers to send us photos of yourself with your favorite feather accessory or wearing a trendy outfit from the past.         Come on now . . .  don’t be shy . . . it’s time to strut your stuff and show off those gorgeous feathers and trendy fashion statements!

If you have some special feathers that you would like the Divas to use in designing a unique custom piece of jewelry for you, please contact us either by using our contact form on our Contacts page or CONVO us through our ETSY Store. We love a challenge and get excited when our shoppers want us to create something special just for them.

White feathers are great enhancements for bridal jewelry, bouquets, and headbands.

Well, darlings . . . we hope we have inspired all of our followers to try something different and add some vintage “blast from the past” to your accessories this summer!

As always, your comments are always encouraged; and don’t forget . . . we love to receive suggestions for other ideas or topics of interest.

‘Till next time . . .

The Divas -Kathy, Kristin & Emiley

A Blast from the Past – Let’s do the BOHO

We recently discovered some great vintage Bohemian styled scarves that we just had to splurge on. We finally received our last order and have included them under our Vintage Category at our ETSY Shop. So, for those of you who may have read our ‘Tweet or saw the Shared Link on our Facebook page, we thought we would include some great ideas for using these vintage pieces of memorabilia from the ’70s.

Ahhh… I do remember those days … the flower children, all the hippies and the peasant shirts. These wonderful 24 inch wide, 60 inch long gauze and linen scarves can be used as an accessory to accent any wardrobe.

To help you with how to use these great additions to your summer and fall fashions, the Divas have provided a FREE bonus with photos and instructions on How to Use a scarf with 37 tips in a PDF document for you to download. Click the image above (37 ways to tie a scarf) to download your FREE Bonus!

Check out the scarves in our ETSY shop by clicking HERE.

Comments are welcome and feel free to share some of your own ideas and thoughts about how you use scarves. Tell us your color preferences, what types of scarves you use, and where you usually go to find a great scarf to accessorize your wardrobe.

Hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past . . . tomorrow, we will feature our BOHO feather accessories and earrings!

The Divas -Kathy, Kristin & Emiley

Simplifying Life

Reorganizing your workspace can be one of the most horrendous tasks but it can also be full of the greatest surprises! My goal for this week is to get our office and studio back in order so we can create without having to find a few square inches of workspace.

With new equipment, a new heavy duty bench vice with interchangeable block, and ring and bracelet mandrels, and our new kiln just begging for us to start firing up some metal clay, I had to make the decision to sacrifice some design time for clean-up and organization.

We found our workbench at an inventory sale at a community college. So if you need to locate a great workbench with electrical strips and a carpeted work surface for safety, try to find electrical class workbenches from a school or company that is replacing equipment and furnishings. We got a great deal; only $30 bucks each and they are sturdy with large locking drawers.

To make it easier to organize everything, we filled plastic shoeboxes with similar items and then labeled them all with what was inside; this way even if the boxes are stacked on higher shelves it will easy to know what is in each one. Next, we got some of those great metal organizers with lots of drawers (you know the kind for nails and screws for the garage), and sorted out lots of small findings, shells, rocks, and the sea glass for our beach line. Using old metal file shelving, we sorted our plastic ribbon holders and lined them up making it so much easier to cut lengths of ribbon without having our ribbon rolls laying all over the workbench.

One of my greatest finds for organizing supplies was an old Simplicity, 4-drawer file cabinet from a fabric store that was going out of business. We placed an expensive particle board paper organizer on top of the file cabinet where we store a variety of papers, transfer and sticker papers for use in our color printer, and a variety of photo quality papers.


The drawers in the pattern cabinet had metal dividers that kept the patterns separated for easy categorization. So we decided we needed some bigger sections and removed a few to make some of the areas a bit larger. The picture below is one drawer opened to show how we were able to organize the supplies.






Pretty awesome, eh? Can’t believe how much I have been able to accomplish in just 2 short days. About half done and excited to finish up with all the organizing and labeling. I am actually able to find anything I need without playing the guessing game or flipping a coin to determine where I put something. The other Divas and even my son were totally surprised when they saw the change.

Well, darlings . . .  check back in a few days and see how the process ended up. Happy times!

The Divas -Kathy, Kristin & Emiley

Father’s Day Memories

Did you remember to tell your dad how much you love him today on his special day? My dad is gone- celebrating no doubt with my husband somewhere in heaven with the Heavenly Father! I called my father-in-law today to wish him a Happy Father’s Day and was in tears by the end of the conversation.

How often have you said to someone that you would call them again soon and then totally blew it off because you were just too busy with life’s million-and-one other things to do that really were not that important? He reminded me that it was before Thanksgiving when we had talked last. I felt so ashamed that I had neglected to call more often and remembered the times when my dad was alive, that I missed telling him how much I loved or missed him.

Life is just too short to forget to take the time to spend those precious moments with our loved ones and special friends! So . . . regardless of how busy I am, I plan to call my family at lease once a month; like my mom and my father-in-law, who are not living close by and check in with them to see how they are doing and to let them know how much I miss spending time together. We should never be too busy not to stop and make more memories with our loved ones!

No crafty business goings on today… only making memories…

‘Til tomorrow darlings . . .

The Divas -Kathy, Kristin & Emiley

Another peaceful day . . . with much needed R & R

Simply serene Saturday today . . . relaxing, but still no rest for that right side of the brain that is filled to the brim with so many ideas. Have been enjoying the down-time with my granddaughter Emiley who is also our KIDZ Diva in the business. We have been crazy creators this weekend with our brainstorming efforts to rekindle some old ideas and develop some cool recyclable projects. In fact, this has been so much fun, we might just have to produce a few short tutorial videos on how everyone could recycle some of the simplest things found around the house.

We spent some time outdoors picking up all kinds of goodies for embedding into our new resin jewelry pieces . . . miniature flower petals, teeny tiny snail shells, and twigs full of nodules for our new metal clay jewelry pieces. Can’t wait for you to see all of these when we finally get them ready to sell.

Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome wonderful DADs. A big thank you for letting your girls and the love of your life be creative and freely express who they are!

‘Til Tomorrow . . .

The Divas . . . Kathy, Kristin, and Emiley

Birthday blessings and A scholarship fund for EMDT students . . .

Happy Birthday Cake

Kathy Celebrates Another Year of Blessings

Birthday Blessings

The Grande Dame Diva celebrated her birthday on Flag day with family and artsy moments with the KIDZ Diva, Emiley. Talk about being pampered and spoiled… breakfast in bed, all meals cooked and an awesome cake. We played games when the power went out, watched 2 movies when the electricity was restored, and sketched designs all evening.

Scholarship Fundraiser

So now it is back to work on our newest designs. We will be posting new clothing designs as well as some new School Spirit jewelry for the alumni at Full Sail University. We plan to start a new scholarship fund for future students in the EMDT program so we will be donating 10% of ALL sales of the T-shirts and jewelry for the EMDT grads and alumni during the month of June.

Why June??? Well… that just so happens to be the month Kathy graduated from the Full Sail EMDT program with her MS in Educational Media Design and Technology degree in 2011. Our goal is to raise at least $500 to start the scholarship fund that will help students purchase books or other supplies.

EMDT PendantEMDT T-Shirt

Be sure to check out the School Spirit Gallery under the Portfolio page link for details. You will need to visit our ETSY Store to make your purchases.

If you have any questions, please convo us by using the contact form on our Contacts page.

Well… I’m off to catch a few zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Your Grande Dame -Kathy

Gearing up for a Creative Marathon . . .

Have you missed us? We have missed the time we get to spend being creative and to share with each of our loyal followers! We have all been so busy with online course work and training but we have a much needed break coming up. And the plan is to plunge feet first, or should we say, hands first into a creativity marathon where we do lots of design work. We recently got some new equipment including our much awaited Wacom Bamboo Tablet with the newest Art Rage software . . . can’t wait to use that to create some unique digital ACEOs!

In addition, our newly revised Website and ETSY storefront have been updated and are almost ready to launch so watch for the announcement coming in your email, on Facebook. We will also be sending out some special tweets so stay tuned for more details!

So darlings. . .  watch for more news coming soon!

The Divas -Kathy, Kristin & Emiley

Inspiration . . .

Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . the Divas are brainstorming again! 

More inspired after visiting the Houston Aquarium and getting some fabulous photos! I love getting inspired by the world around us and can’t wait to create some new designs inspired by our “underwater” adventure. We just ordered some new art supplies as well as lots of precious metal wires and blanks for some new fabrication ideas.

And . . . we found an excellent supplier for our ACEO or as some call it, ATC or Art Trading Cards. This gal cuts all the blanks and recycles materials for our ACEO blanks so we are thrilled to help save our environment by reusing instead of trashing.

I can remember this time last year, we were experimenting with all kinds of new materials and ordering new supplies for unique creations. Well this year is no different. We have been trying out new equipment and processes and are ready for mega creating. The Grande Dame Diva will be working with the KIDZ diva, Emiley, to try out our newest equipment and forging methods over the next few months. I can’t wait to try out all of the new mixed media materials and techniques we have been exploring and learning.

So, darlings . . . keep watching to see what wonderful vintage and trendy goodies we will soon be showcasing! ‘Til next time, enjoy your warm summer days . . .

The Divas- Kathy, Kristin & Emiley

Changes . . .

3 Generations of Artists
Emiley, Kathy & Kristin

I’m sure many of you have been wondering where the Divas have gone. . . with no current blogging going on, I was wondering myself. . . we have been sooooo busy writing and creating! And… we have been redesigning our site and blog. We no longer will have a shopping cart on our Website; we will be using our new site to showcase our designs and keep all of our followers informed as to what we are doing. We are going to use our ETSY Storefront exclusively for all ordering but will still offer the convenience of paying with Visa, Mastercard, or Discover cards through PayPal. Keep watching for our updates over the coming weeks.

Until then…

The Divas – Kathy, Kristin, & Emiley

Welcome to our new Blog and Website!

Springtime at the Beach

Screaming Divas are back at work . . .

Hi Darlings . . . talk about busy, busy, busy, now that Spring is almost over. Summer is in full swing with hot temperatures, higher humidity and lots of beautiful flowers and trees blooming. With all this gorgeous growth comes inspiration, and the Divas find themselves blooming with lots of fresh ideas. We have been out capturing great photos of the flowers and wonderful wildlife all over Houston. Galveston Beach offers a plethora of opportunities to capture 100s of images. These wonderful journeys provide so much motivation that we can hardly wait to start putting all of our images into new designs. The most exciting new venture is the move into creating lots of miniature pen and ink drawings, watercolor paintings, and digitally manipulated photographs for our new line of resin jewelry designs and our line of ACEO collectibles. Keep watching for the launch of our new unique artistic designs.

Won’t be too long now, so check in often to see how we are progressing.

Chow loyal followers!

The Divas… Kathy, Kristin, & Emiley

Happy blogging!

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